Australian-Made Disability Parking Permit Holders

Ensuring your comfort and convenience with our state-specific, weather-resistant disability parking permit holders made in Australia.

Exceptional durability and tailored design

At MJ Permit Holders, we offer the best disability permit holders in Australia.

Our products stand out for their exceptional durability and tailored design, crafted to withstand the unique and harsh Australian climate.

Our commitment to quality and our old-fashioned approach to customer service make our permit holders the top choice for those seeking reliability, functionality, and a customer-first experience.

Industrial strength suction cups

Each holder is meticulously tested in extreme temperatures, ensuring they remain resilient in conditions as hot as 50°C and cold as -8°C. We offer a range of sizes to fit the varying permit dimensions across different Australian states perfectly.

Our suction cups are of industrial strength and material. Each permit holder purchased comes with a spare suction cup to keep if needed in the future.

Product Features

High Quality Perspex

Our disability permit holders are designed for unmatched durability. This high-quality perspex withstands extreme temperatures and everyday use.


We offer customisation options to perfectly match the specific size requirements of disability permits across different Australian states. 

Fast Delivery

We ensure that your customised disability permit holder reaches you quickly and efficiently, minimising wait time so you can enjoy the benefits of our product.

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We provide 3mm thick perspex disability permit holders

At MJ Permit Holders, we specialise in providing top-quality perspex disability permit holders tailored for the Australian market.

Our permit holders are constructed from robust, 3mm thick hard perspex, ensuring they are not only durable but also resistant to the challenging Australian climate. From extreme heat to severe cold, our holders are rigorously tested to guarantee their resilience and longevity. Guaranteed, the perspex will never cloud over and maintain transparency.

We focus on delivering a product that combines functionality, durability, and a sleek design, making your daily life more convenient and stress-free.

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